Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two Children on a Tuesday Morning

She's in her swing
asking for an un-duck
or under duck
or under dog
and I push her high and stall
for that climactic moment
when she is as tall as she can be
above the head of me
the adult, the nanny, the lady
who comes three times a week
to tell her brother to use friendly words,
to stop hitting her, and to go to his room.
He is behind her screaming
he is digging in the dirt
with his flat blue baby shovel
but to him it is large
and masculine and does the same work
as the shovel farmer Bill uses
in the field next door, he's
digging a tunnel, he says,
and its gonna go to the other side of the earth.
Actually, he is going to build four tunnels!
AND ONE FOR MANNY (the dog) who is
nearby whining or chewing on
a chunk of firewood
and later we look for seeds to plant
and we scavenge below the bird feeder
and under trees for pinecones,
and we grab a few of those crabapples that he is
convinced are cherries from the tree his parents
planted for him when he was born
he loves the tree
and talks about it even when its
out of sight
and from our bucket of gatherings JoJo
looks up and sees the moon bright in the
middle of our morning
Her short fleshy finger points up
and there it is and her brother's
never seen anything like it
and his head turns diagonally and he smiles
and he asks, HOW IS THE MOON
It's always there, sometimes we just don't see it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I used to be the girl

I used to have this flare
this plan, this idea,
that I was something special
one of the best poets in class
with the most charisma
and the awkward jokes
that everyone seemed to like. I used to
be the girl with the curly hair
who wore layers
about average weight
short but not too short
I used to be the girl who chewed on her pens
bit her nails to get them low
then bit them more to make the
best rainbow shape and I
used to be the girl
who walked through leaves
by herself in the woods dreaming of
her most silly thoughts of dangling
understandings and natural world awe,
she was the one
who sang at the top of the hill
with just an okay voice
way up there where you could see
the lake and the lights at night,
where the stars were bright (she
went up there once to star gaze with a blanket
when she was lonely)
the lyrics were
what's up beautiful world, I love you

And I was the girl who snowshoed
around a tree, creating the enormous word
in the snow, while hearing the Who on headphones
and I used to be the girl who painted
pictures spontaneously and wrote
poetry deep from the heart, and I
am the girl who wanted everyone to love her
and wanted and believed she could love everyone
and I am the girl who's not sure where
she went years later when she's boiling pierogies
and stoking the woodstove.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dirty Woodstove Fingers Remind Me of Our First Home

Drove too much today, burned too much
fuel then I came home and collected some more
wood from the basement where there's a
small pile still not dry, it steams shhh-ing me
when I try to get it going
in our tiny cracked woodstove, it's just not
as nice as the Vermont Castings
we had in our yurt when we relied on
it more than we had relied on
anything in the world before, and what's more
I get going soon after on
the meat loaf that will bake in the oven
for over an hour and we
didn't have an oven for two years either
or electricity or
running water
and even though no one believes me, not
even him, I miss the hell out of it
and its honesty its gritty,
dirty, depressing darkness, its making
us get up in the middle of
the night to pee outside under the stars
and the full moons were the greatest
in the middle of winter, below 10
degrees that's when I'd pee right there
by the door, leaving my mark in the snow,
like a real animal, then growling when
stuffing the woodstove full again and again
throughout the night
and purring once I'd gotten close to
him under the layers upon layers
of fleece blankets, sleeping bags and